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The last country on my 10-day Asian Trip after Thailand and Malaysia was Singapore.

Here’s a quick view of my Singapore Itinerary:

  • Day 07 – Malaysia Departure 1130h / Singapore Arrival 1600h
    • Breakfast at Hotel
    • Pick up at hotel lobby at 1030H
    • Transfer from Hotel to KL Bus Station – Aeroline Hospitality Lounge and take a bus coach from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore at 1130H (4 Hrs Land Travel).
    • Arrival in Singapore at 1600H
    • Transfer to Hotel and check in at Fragrance Hotel Imperial, S’pore.
    • Afternoon and Evening:
      • Marina Bay Sands – most luxurious and spectacular Hotel in Singapore
      • CÉ LA VI Restaurant on top of Marina Bay Sands
      • Marina Bay Sands Casino
      • Explored SG subway and the different malls and stops
  • Day 08 – SINGAPORE
    • Breakfast at Hotel
    • City Tour Pick up at hotel lobby at 0830H
    • City Tour:
      • Merlion Park
      • Thian Hongkeng Temple
      • Locak Handcraft Centre
      • Natioanl Orchid Garden
      • Little India
    • Transfer back to Hotel
    • Afternoon and Evening:
      • SG Chinatown
      • Explored SG subway and the different malls and stops
  • Day 09 – Singapore
    • Breakfast at Hotel
    • Singapore Cable Car
    • Sentosa Island
    • Universal Studios Singapore
      • Hollywood
      • Egypt
      • Jurassic Park
      • Water World
      • Far Far Away
      • Madagascar
      • SG Monorail
      • iFly Singapore – Indoor Sky Diving
      • Palawan Beach Resort, SG
      • Siloso Beach Resort, SG
  • Day 10 – Singapore Departure 1430H / PH ARRIVAL 1830H
    • Breakfast at Hotel
    • Relax at Hotel’s Infinity pool
    • Explore the city and buy pasalubong
    • Transfer to Airport for Departure to the Philippines
    • Arrival in the Philippine at 1830H

Singapore Trip End

Singapore – Day 01

I took the Aeroline Bus from Malaysia to Singapore. It was roughly 4-5 hours but it was a smooth ride since Aeroline Bus was comfortable and the staff are accomodating. It felt like you were on an airplance as aside from the bus was spacious, you have a tablet TV with music and videos in front of you. It even has an outlet where you can plug and charge your devices. They provided us with Blankets as well as food and water for our Lunch.

When we entered Singapore, the bus first dropped us off with out luggages in Singapore immigrations. After the line and passing through immigrations, the bus was at the exit waiting for us to board again and took us to its Terminal. Soon enough I was picked up by a designated van that brought me to the hotel I was booked – Fragrance Hotel Imperial, Singapore. The hotel was in the middle of the city and near a subway station. The hotel and room wasn’t as big as the one I had in Thailand but it was more than enough for a solo traveler like me with a nice view of the city and a rooftop pool.

I actually made a horrible mistake of leaving my sling bag at the baggage conveyor when we dropped by Singapore’s immigrations. Though I have cash with me, it had my credit card and atms so I was worried that I lost it. I was able to to get the number of Singapore immigrations and called them up to check if they found it. Fortunately, they did! I had the hotel get me a taxi and went back to get my bag. I was told their immigrations is really strict but they were accomodating. Once we arrived, they got two of their guards escort me to the immigration office where they kept my bag. After identification and checking the contents of the bag that it’s complete, they escorted me back to the taxi and we were off going back. Along the way, while I was chatting the taxi driver, he mentioned that one of Singapore’s main attraction is Marina Bay Sands. Once he pointed the place to me, I knew I had to go there no matter what. So, he dropped me off at Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Marina Bay Sands hotel was absolutely stunning to watch. Three buildings with a ship like architecture on top. My purpose was to get to the top. I wasn’t sure if I would be allowed to but by just looking around, I saw people just passing through so I did just like them and looked for the elevator. Soon enough, I was on my way up. They had an infinity pool and observation deck on top. Unfortunately, they now have limited only to the hotel guests. That did not stope me of course so I looked around and saw the bar CÉ LA VI Singapore.
It was crowded but it had a great view of Singapore. I got a bottle of Tiger beer, roamed around, sat at the bar and enjoyed the view.

In the evening, I heard you can go anywhere in Singapore Subway and decided to try and go back to the hotel with it. The subway was really cheap and the tickets are dispensed just like atm machines.

Singapore – Day 02

The next morning was my scheduled city tour. I was picked up at the hotel at around 0830H and was ushered in with other tourists on a bus for the city tour.

The first stop was Singapore’s famous Merlion Park where a giant statue of their country’s symbol – (MerLion) Half Fish/ Half Lion, is located. You can also see a good view of the city as well as the Marina Bay Sands hotel that I went to the day before.

Our next stop was the oldest chinese temple in SG, also known as Tianfu Temple, a temple of Mazu (“Ma Cho Po”), a Chinese sea goddess.

After that, we went to one of UNESCO’s World Heritage site – Singapore Botanic Gardens. A 158-year-old tropical garden that houses beautiful orchids and plants.

Lastly, we were brought to Singapore’s Little India and Chinatown. I decided to be dropped off there to view the sites more, walk around and have lunch since it was a big place.

After that, I decided to to explore the city again using the Subways. I was told that there was a place above Bugis Station that was good for food and souvenirs. The place was filled with restaurants and stores. They serve international cuisines and I went around the gadget stores and bought some.

Singapore – Day 03

The next day, I decided to go to Universal Studio’s Singapore. I first wanted to take the taxi but they told me I can experience Singapore’s Cable Car and drop by other places if I don’t. There was no telling me twice. I got into the subway and went to Harbour Front Center, walked to its other building where i took the cable car in the Harbour Front station.

I went down Imbiah Lookout station so I could explore Resorts World Sentosa, on my way to Universal Studios

And then of course, Universal Studios Singapore.

Inside Universal Studios Singapore, I explored almost all areas.

Hollywood – Universal Studios Singapore

Egypt – Universal Studios Singapore

Jurassic Park – Universal Studios Singapore

Waterworld – Universal Studios Singapore

Far Far Away – Universal Studios Singapore

Madagascar – Universal Studios Singapore

After Universal Studios Singapore, I decided to take Singapore’s Mono rail to take me to the beach.

Before I arrived at the beach front though, I noticed a big building which was named iFly Singapore – an indoor flight training. I got encouraged by their motto – anyone can fly. I remembered the saying.. “if you don’t leap, you’ll never know what it’s like to fly..”. So what the hell, i’ll do it.


After that, I got to the beach. There were two beaches at Sentosa Island Resort:

Palawan Beach Resort

Siloso Beach Resort

That’s where I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Singapore – Day 04

The following day was my last day of my 10-day Asian trip to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. My flight was at 1430H so I enjoyed the morning mesmerizing on the places I have been to for the past 10 days in the hotel pool and went out to buy the pasalubongs after.

Soon enough, I was picked up at the hotel and was brought to Singapore Changi Airport – currently rated the World’s Best Airport (Skytrax 2017). I was exhausted that I wanted to go back to the Philippines and lay down on my bed but at the same time, I was amazed on the feat that I have achieved travelling to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

If you have been following my blog from the start of this 10 days adventure, there is no words that can describe the feelings I have experienced.

Thank you Lord for the safe journey and for giving me the opportunity to travel this way.


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