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Dingalan, Aurora Tour – 2017, July 27

The Aurora province is one of the places I have been wanting to go to. We’ve all heard about Baler but we know little about Dingalan. It’s often referred to as the Batanes of the East. So when this trip came up, I knew this is something I should not miss.

Dingalan Feeder Port

We left Quezon City at aroung 1am. By about 4:30am, we were at Dingalan Feeder Port.

White Beach

Arriving early got us some time to rest as the boat rides seem to start at around 6am. About 20 minutes later after we rode the boat, we were at White Beach. There are a few cottages and stores.  You’ll also notice a volleyball net in place for people to use. You can rent a ball from the locals. They offer accomodation and food for travellers that visits and goes overnight for a fee. You can also ask the locals to prepare food for you if you do not have the time and equipments to do so.

Mountain / Batanes View

Once we have settled in to our cottage, we prepared to hike and trek up the Mountain / Batanes view as they call it. It’s about 20 minutes hike going up to reach its peak. Since it rained a bit the night before, the trail is a bit muddy and you would slip if you aren’t careful. There is a rope though that you can hold on to. It helps on those more steep and slippery parts. You can also hike a Lighthouse that is close to the place but as it was not part of out itinerary, we just enjoyed the view from the top of the mountain.

Once we were down the mountain, we got our breakfast and prepared for the island hopping and snorkling.

Lamao Cave

The first we visted were the Lamao Caves. You’ll find a small waterfall and enjoy swimming along the caves. We went around, took pictures and did snorkling afterwards.

Suah Rock Formation

Our next destination was the Suah Rock Formation. You’ll be amazed by how these rocks have formed and survived nature’s harsh weathering. It’s a good place to take pictures with the rock formations background.

Lunch – Boodle fight

We then went back to White Beach to take our Lunch. The Lunch was cooked and prepared by the locals that have been asked to prepare for us. We headed back by boat to Dingalan Feeder Port soon after.

Tanawan Falls

At the Dingalan Feeder Port, we rode the van again as it took us to the entrance of the falls. Vehicles are not allowed so we walked for about 15-20 minutes to the spot of the Tanawan Falls. The view was amazing and the water is really cold. There are deep parts but most of the places are not in which you would really be able to enjoy swimming and taking pictures. It’s really refreshing to be able to swim and get soaked in natures fresh water as this.

I Love Dingalan Picture Taking

While going back to Manila, we dropped by the I Love Dingalan spot to take some pictures. We left around 6pm and arrived in Manila past 10pm.

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