Manuel Uy Beach, Calatagan, Batangas

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Manuel Uy Beach, Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines – 2017, May 20

This is why I want to write things down. It hasn’t even been a month and I forgot why we went to Calatagan, Batangas. My friends and I would plan things us, usually just make up a reason or wait for one, then just get out there and have some fun. If I am not mistaken, I think our reason was for our friend Melan’s Birthday. Though I clearly remember his Birthday has already passed and we have celebrated it not just once with booze in Antipolo. Most of us now have responsibilities, so I guess that valid reason has become important for us to get out of those from time to time. (Sorry guys!)

It was a Saturday morning and we met up around 3am in Cubao. Got some coffee and hot chocolate while waiting for the rest and eventually rode off at past 4am.
Our getaways usually arent planned well honestly but we make it work. Thats why we brough two cars, an SUV and a sedan, and there were just 7 of us.
3 on one and 4 on the other. Why didn’t we just use one? We don’t know either.

It was a good call leaving at past 4am. Aside from we did not know exactly the route, we avoided much of the heavy traffic along the way.  Thanks to Waze for pointing us the directions, we arrived at Manuel Uy Beach about 7:15am.

Entrance fee was for P50.00 daytime swimming, P100 overnight.
They will ask you though if you have brought tents. We brought 3.
Thats when they will tell you that you would have to pay P100 for each tent that you brought. This is since they are renting out tents.
You can rent tents for P300.00-P500.00 per night.

One thing I liked about the beach is you can park your cars near the beach,
set up your tents in front of it, and just have some fun!

You can also rent out a table and a chair for P300.00.
Which we did, but guess what? no one brought the cooking wares for us to use. Good thing, we have the cars on our side.
Some had to go to the market we saw a few kilometers back and buy what we need to grill and cook.
As expected, these good friends of ours ate while in the market and left us to starve and wait till we are able to finish cooking in order to eat.
That’s just how we show affection for each other.

Once we had our food and water though, we were all set.
The beach was a long stretch of golden sand.
Facing the beach, on your left, you will see and elevated cliff and someone told us there was a cave. It barely resembles one though but it was a good sight away from the bustling traffic and city noise .
On your right, you would see the floating cottages which have been dubbed as the Philippines Maldives. The locals say it costs P21,000.00 per night.
We’re good with the P50.00 each. We see and feel the same type of water anyway.

What saddened us though about the beach was its depth. It would probably take 300 meters from the shore before the water runs above your head.
During the night, you can walk along the beach without getting wet as the water from the shoreline is gone. They gave low tide a new meaning.

On a lighter note, we were able to buy wood in order to set up our bonfire by the beach. With booze, food and crazy people with you, the fun was just getting started.

Oh, and since you got your cars beside your tents. If you don’t wish to stay on the sand, you can always get your keys and turn it on for an airconditioned sleep on leather seats. Plus, you can charge your gadgets when needed.
There’s a faint signal for you to use your internet if you wish to upload your pictures at once.

The morning came and we set out for the Island Hopping. It costs P300 per person + P50 for each goggles rented. We went to what they call starfish island to checked out their starfishes then went straight to do snorkling. You can stand on huge rocks while exploring the different coral reefs and fishes. Feed the fish with bread and swim your hearts out.

One thing to note about the place is since there are no restrooms, you would have to go to the nearby local stores to pee, poop and shower. It would cost you from P5-20 each. There are also about just 3-4 places that offers such so imagine the long lines with all the people there trying to get their turn.

Overall, its a great place to spend a weekend without breaking your savings.