Say Hello!


I was wondering what to write first as it has been quite some time that I had the grip of the hard pencil surface and smell of paper. This keyboard typing still feels new to me. Guess you can imagine how long it has been since I last wrote something. I admit, this is easier without the hassle of erasers or white-out. As you can easily express your trail of thoughts, you can also easily get lost on what you really want to say. Just like now….

I haven’t travelled for quite some time. I’d easily make the excuse that this is due to lack of time and piling responsibilities, but the truth is, lack of time and piling resonsibilities. Yeah, there’s really no other after I thought about it.

So what made me write again?
Guess certain recent events got me the time that I need and some perspective on what I want to do. Write. Travel. Get Rich!.. I wish.

My wife decided what we have no longer works. We should co-parent our son Marcus but that I should move out. In a few days, I did. I got my own place and guess it came to having more time as well for myself and do whatever I want.

Everyone has different types of ways to express themselves. Obviously, this is where I am hoping to put them.
I am also not getting younger myself. Forgetting things come with age.
I’d like to create good memories, find a way to express and share them.
I regret nothing in life but I guess sometimes you ask yourself what you would leave behind. We know our memories leave out a chunk of what we really experienced after quire some time.

One day, I’d like to read and remember,  not just what I have done, but how I have felt, how crazy it has been, the good, the bad and the utter sadness and happiness it brought.

This is a journey. My journey. You are definitely most welcome to join.
Have Fun!