Maniwaya, Marinduque

Maniwaya, Marinduque Tour – 2017 September 2 and 3

One of the things we all are very familiar with is that the Phillipines consists of about 7,600+ islands. What we sometimes fail to appreciate is the beauty that each of them may have. One of those is Maniwaya Island. An island about an hour ride, part of the town of Sta Cruz, Marinduque.

A quick view of our Marinduque Tour:

Day 01
1am – Depart from Manila
5am – Arrived at Gen Luna port, Quezon
7am – Depart from Gen Luna port
8am – Arrived at Maniwaya Island
9am – Depart to Bubuyod Port
10am -Arrived at Bubuyod Port, Depart to Kawa-Kawa Falls
11am – Kawa-Kawa Falls
12pm – Busay Falls
1pm – Sta Cruz Church / Moriones Status
2pm – Lunch Back at Maniwaya Island
3pm – Ungab Rock Formation
4pm – Palad Sandbar
5pm – Taclobo Sanctuary
9pm – Dinner and Socials

Day 02
8am – Breakfast
9am – Enjoyed and went around the Maniwaya Beachfront
12pm – Lunch
1pm – Depart Maniwaya Island back to Gen Luna port

Maniwaya Island and Sta Cruz – Marinduque Tour

We took the route from the port of Gen Luna, Quezon. It was about 3-4 hours ride from Manila. We arrived around 6am at Gen Luna Port. We got some rest while some went around as a small market is just beside the port. Also, tHe boats leave past 7am when the tides are up for the boats to be able to go near the port and pick us up. About an hour and a half, we arrived at Maniwaya Island. We stayed at Palomaria Beach Camp Resort. There are a few other small resorts that you can choose from in the island.


Maniwaya Island, Marinduque


We had breakfast and everyone got settled in. I was still full of energy so I decided to look around and talk to the locals. I learned that I can rent a small boat to go to the town so I decided to get one and see the town of Marinduque.


Bubuyod Port, Marinduque

We landed in Bubuyod port. I didn’t actually know where to go so I started talking to the locals where fortunately, a driver of one of the parked tricycles volunteered to show me around. I was first given a choice when we exited Bubuyod Port, we can go left to go to the town of Torrijos or right to Sta. Cruz. I asked what we can see on each town and how long the travel would be. I decided that we go to Sta. Cruz as it seems to be nearer and he mentioned a few places which got me interested.

Kawa-Kawa Falls

Our first stop was Kawa-Kawa Falls. We had to walk up for about 5 minutes as it seems that vehicles are prohibited near it. It was a series of small falls, one after another, pouring in its fresh mountain water to small like basins. We joined a few locals as had a good swim around each of them. The water was cold but really refreshing.

Busay Falls, Marinduque

Our next stop was Busay Falls. It also a series of small falls, but this time, the basins were longer. The water was also cold but unfortunately, there wasn’t much water going down. It was enough though for us to enjoy the first parts. The locals enjoyed taking some photographs with us as we enjoyed the place.

Sta Cruz Church , Marinduque

Next, a century old church – Sta Cruz Church, Marinduque. The church was built in 1714 and the tower that’s beside it is still the same as before. It’s amazing to see a century old church standing the test of time.


Marinduque is most commonly known for their Holy Week’s lenten rite – Moriones. Our next stop that was just near the church was the city hall that has a giant Mariones status. The Moriones festival is where the penitents dress in masks and colorful costumes that looks like the garb of the biblical Roman soldiers. Morions roam the streets engaging in antics, scaring kids and creating surprises to draw attention. They say that the Moriones tradition inspired the creation of other festives where cultural practices become street festivals. I wish we had more time but we still had our island adventures. We went back to Bubuyod port and my boat got me back to Maniwaya island in time for our Lunch.

Ungab Rock Formation, Mongpong Island.

This is one of the must see when you are goind around the islands. A sight of decades of natural rock formation.

Palad Sandbar

One place that you should never miss when you are in Marinduqe is its – Palad Sandbar. The most popular sandbar in the province. It’s best to visit the place around 2-3pm when you can see most of the sandbar. There are a lot of tourists when we arrived but we still managed to find a good spot to stroll and take pictures.


Taclobo Sanctuary

Next – Taclobo Sanctuary. A snorkling Area protected to preserve the eco system and marine life. Taclobo sanctuary is also the home of the endangered giant clams. Aside from the once residing there, we were told that some were even transferred to the place in order to be protected. You are allowed to snorkel and swim around them. Just be careful of course not to disturb them. As the place is protects, the place is also abundant of fish and different marine life.

After our Taclobo trip, we went back to Maniwaya Island and got some rest before dinner. We spent the night drinking along the beach after dinner.

The next day, we explored the island of Maniwaya, went around the island and enjoyed its fresh and clear water.

Marinduque, Philippines

We left the island about 1pm going back to Gen Luna port. It was really low tide that they had to get small boats to transfer us a few members at a time to get to shore. Even with the small boats, we had to go down and walk a few meters still just to get to port side. We freshened up and got some souvenirs before we headed back home.

I can just wish we have more time to explore the towns of Marinduque. I hear that there are a lot of other places to visit on the other towns as well. It was tiring but yet a trip that you will never forget.

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