Isla de Potipot, Zambales

Isla de Potipot, Zambales Tour -2017 September 12

One of the main beach attractions in Zambales is the Potipot Island, commonly known as “Isla de Potipot. Along with the coves of Anawangin and Nagsasa, Potipot has become one of the tourist destinations when travelers visit Zambales. Potipot is an island about a kilometer or 5-10 minutes boat ride from Brgay Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales. Once you arrive in Uacon or its brangay hall, you can ride a tricycle and ask to get you to the drop off point to Potipot.

Potipot Weekday Warriors

Our group that explored Isla de Potipot:

Brgy Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales

If you wish to just hang out on an island near the shore, Potipot would be one of your choices. Its sugary white sands and turquoise water is awesome for beach bumming, photo ops, snorkling and other beach activities.

We parked at a place near the jump off point un Brgy Uacon and waited for the boats to take us to Potipot. The only use small boats that are good for 5-6 people and would cost from P400-P600 for the two-way ride.

Isla de Potipot – Zambales

When we got there, you would need to first register. There is an entrance fee of about P100-P200 each with your organizer free of charge. You can rent cottages or tents. You can also bring your own for no extra cost. You can see the prices below. Note that this may change over time.

We got settled in on the cottage that we got. Some started to explore the island and some of us prepared our Lunch. Fortunately, we brought what we needed to prepare Lunch as the store at that time was closed. So make sure that you get all that you need before you get to the island. There’s a public market in the town of Uacon that you can buy all that you need. The island has a common kitchen and grilling area that the occupants can share and cook their food. Electicity is only available during the night. They do have decent shower rooms and change areas.

Here are some of the pictures I took while exploring the island:
Isla de Potipot Entrance
Isla de Potipot Cottages
Isla de Potipot Common Kitchen and Grilling Area
Isla de Potipot Tree House
Isla de Potipot Beach
Isla de Potipot Camp Sites
Isla de Potipot Grounds

At about 4pm, we got ready and the boats took us back to Uacon shore. The island was not that big but would is more than enough to just enjoy and chill around. We spent hours hanging out on the island and the beach. A trip worth doing over and over again!

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