Binukbok Beach and Mt Gulugod Baboy – Anilao, Batangas

Binukbok Beach & Mt. Gulugod Baboy – Anilao, Batangas – 2017 September 10

Guess many would agree that one of the closest place from Metro Manila which has a lot of great beaches is Batangas. In particular, the beaches of Mabini and Anilao. A 2-3 hours road trip in the early morning would get you there. Anilao and Mabini are know places where a line of resorts await you along the beachfront. You can just go backpack and find a suitable resort.

It wasn’t my first time to reach Batangas but this is the first day trip that we will be exploring Binukbok Beach in Anilao. One of the most known beach area in Batangas mainly due to its Binukbok Point Fish Sanctuary. A place where marine life is protected, thus, a bountiful of fish and eco system lies underneath.

In the afternoon, we were able to climb and trek up to Mt. Gulugod Baboy for the amazing scenery. It was named Gulogod Baboy as it translates to “Pig’s spine”, describing the contours of the hills on it.

Here’s a quick view of our itinerary

4am – Left Manila
6am – Arrived at Brgy. Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas
7am – Light breakfast at noodle shop
9am – Depart to Binukbok Point Fish Sanctuary
930am – Snokling and Swimming at Binukbok Point Fish Sanctuary
12pm – Depart back to Brgy. Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas
1pm – Lunch
2pm – Start Trek and Climb to the peak of Mt. Gulugod Baboy
4pm – Rest and Picture taking at the Peak
6pm – Depart back to Manila
9pm – Dinner at Seaside Dampa Macapagal Boulevard

Brgy. Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas

We parked at the place of a certain Mr. Mario Mendoza in Brgy. Bagalangit, Mabini, Batangas. They have a big place to park your car as well as showers to use for a fee. His place was less than 2 minutes walk from the shore. We got on as soon as the boat arrived to take us to Binukbok (Anilao, Batangas).

Binukbok Point Fish Sanctuary

Eventhough we were still a bit far from Binukbok, you can see from the clear waters the abundance of marine life underneath. More so when we reached Binukbok. We got our snorkels ready and jumped in to experience the vast number of fish and corals that lies on its seabed. This is where eventhough you may not be able to swim, the fish seem to be familiar and attracted to the boats that they stay near and waits to be fed. Our boatman brought some bread and started to give them some. The fish rush in on every bit of bread thrown at them. After a few hourse of playing with the fish, we headed back to take our lunch in Mabini.


Mt. Gulugod Baboy

We started our hike near a store at the foot of Mt. Gulugod Baboy. We decided to trek up as we were told this was only about 30 minutes. Little did we know that this would actually take 2-3 hours to the peak. Tired but we pushed through on every trail we found. It’s important to note that the trails here can really get you lost so some do hire a guide when they climb up.

As we did not have a guide, we barely got into the right direction and yes, we got lost going down. We went down on a different trail but fortunately it led not very far from where we started. The heavy rain also did not help so some of our companions were soaking wet when they got back. The group was really lively to be with though so we had so much fun on our entire trip.

We started our way back home at around 6pm. Before we went on our separate ways, we got dinner at Seaside Dampa in Macapagal Boulevard where you can choose fresh and live seafood straight from their water aquariums and have them cooked at one of the stalls.

Seaside Dampa Macapagal Boulevard

We had a nice dinner with different fresh seafood. The trip was a blast specially when you have fun and lively travel buddies!

Thanks Everyone! 🙂

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