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Five Fingers - Mariveles - Bataan

Mariveles, Bataan Tour – 2017, August 20 and 21

A friend of mine asked where I would be the next weekend. When he learned it’s Bataan, the first thing that came to his mind and asked me was, “Bataan Death March?”. He sounded gloomy and confused asking what would I be able to do. I wasn’t sure how to exactly put it so I told him to wait until I finish writing the blog about Bataan after my travel. Here it is my dear friend.

Bataan is in our textbooks for the historical Bataan Death March during the Second World War. In April of 1942, the Imperial Japanese army forced he transfer of about 80,000 Filipinos and American prisoners from Mariveles, Bataan to Capiz, Tarlac. A 97-km march, characterized by physical abuse, torture and killings, resulting to an estimate of 20,000+ Filipino and American Deaths. Today, there are about 138 Death March markers spread out all through Bataan, Pampanga and Tarlac. You will see in Bataan the shrine of the first marker, the starting point of the Death March. Bataan is also known in history as one of the last stands of Filipino and American soldiers before being were overwhelmed by the Japanese forces in World War II.

Aside from its historical significance, Bataan is recently dubbed as the “Batanes of the West’ due to its magnificent view that likens Batanes. A peninsula surrounded by mountains and water, this nature-filled province seems to be just waiting to be explored. The trip I have made recently was to explore Bataan’s coves and beaches. The most famous in the place is Bataan’s Five Fingers in Mariveles. A series of coves spread out like five fingers.

Here’s a quick view of the places we have visited in Bataan:

Sisiman San Miguel Rock
Sisiman Bay
Sisiman Lighthouse
Sisiman Grotto


Laki White Sand Beach
Laki Death Pool


Nagbintana Arc
Tinanlakan Cliff Diving Spot
Pulong Kawayan
Apatot Bat Cave


Talain Cove
Talain Cave
Camaya Coast


Talaga Beach
Bataan Death Match Marker


Marvieles, Bataan Tour

We left Cubao before 3 am and was at Brgy. Sisiman at 6 am. Sisiman Bay at Mariveles, Bataan is a beautiful place not just for it’s pebble beach and rock formations but also for the following:

San Miguel Summit
San Miguel Summit - Mariveles - Bataan
San Miguel Summit – Mariveles – Bataan

A striking rock formation of about 700 feet high. Rock climbing and rappelling are a few of the things that you can do, trekking your way up to its peak.

Sisiman Light House
Sisiman Light House - Mariveles - Bataan
Sisiman Light House – Mariveles – Bataan

Just beside the San Miguel Summit is the Sisiman Light House. The Lighthouse plus Sisiman’s beach makes an awesome view. A scenic view specially during sunrise and sunset.

Sisiman Grotto

Also just beside San Miguel Summit is Sisiman Grotto. An artificial religious grotto that has been placed on the mountain. Half way of trekking to the top, you will see the grotto of Mama Mary and once you reach the peak, you will find the big cross. You will also get to see the scenic view of Mariveles, Bataan, the a panoramic view of the entire Sisiman Bay with the San Miguel Summit and Sisiman Lighthouse. It’s steep but it’s just about 20-30 mins trekking to the top.

We had breakfast at a local place and bought food for our lunch in the island. We headed to Porto del Sol and rented some boats. This is where you can start your island hopping and beach adventures.

Laki Beach

The first place we visited was Laki Beach. The beach is a famous destination for its white sand and clear waters. There are a few cottages but those who go overnight usually bring tents or rent from the locals at the port before they camp here. No electricity and carrier signals. A perfect get away to nature lovers who just want the peach and quite far from the bustling city. Make sure to prepare and bring what you need though as you will be out of reach. Unfortunately, it seems that this beach now has an owner that asks the place to be vacated from time to time when they need it. Make sure you check with the locals if the place will be available for overnight ahead of your plan to stay.

Camaya Coast and Talain Cove

You can also get a glimpse of a few other coves such Camaya Coast aand Talain Cove from the boat. These are tourist destinations that you can go to and spend overnight for a fee.

After these coves, we went to see Bataan’s Five Fingers namely – Panoypoy, Nagbintana Arc, Tinanlakan Cliff, Pulong Kawayan and Apatot Bat Cave.

Panoypoy – (1) Five fingers
Panoypoy - Mariveles - Bataan
Panoypoy – Mariveles – Bataan
Nagbintana Arc- (2) Five fingers
Nagbintana Arc - Mariveles - Bataan
Nagbintana Arc – Mariveles – Bataan
Tinanlakan Cliff – (3) Five fingers
Tinanlakan Cliff - Mariveles - Bataan
Tinanlakan Cliff – Mariveles – Bataan

This is where you get do the 40-feet cliff diving. If you want to first try the waters, you can first jump about 20ft before you go up the 40 feet. When it’s low tide, the boats can bring you directly near the cliff diving spot. However, on low tides, you will be brought beside the beach and trek your way to the cliff. It’s a heart-pumping and amazing experience that you should try once you visit the place.

Pulong Kawayan – (4) five fingers
Pulong Kawayan - Mariveles - Bataan
Pulong Kawayan – Mariveles – Bataan
Apatot Bat Cave – (5) five fingers
Apatot Bat Cave - Mariveles - Bataan
Apatot Bat Cave – Mariveles – Bataan

You will be able to go near the cave and go snorkeling and swimming. As the name suggests, you get to see bats on the cave but it’s a huge cave that the bats usually don’t mind you sightseeing insde.

After a much enjoyed tour on the Bataan’s Five Fingers, the boat went back to shore and we got to shower and change clothes.

Before we started our trip back home, first dropped by the first marker of the historical Bataan Death March.

KM00 – Bataan Death March Marker
Marker - Bataan Death March
Marker – Bataan Death March


We had one more stop. A side trip to a cliff with an awesome view of Talaga Beach. It was like one of the places you see in the movies.

Talaga Cliff Beach View

We took some pictures and went back to our ride exhausted but amazed on the sights and landscapes we have just visited.

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